ttIt’s pretty hard (actually, pretty impossible for most of us) to stay in new clothes from head-to-toe day after day. With countless bloggers, editors and celebs consistently sporting the latest designer pieces, shopping and loving the wardrobe you have can feel like a losing game. I wanted to share a few ways I’m able to stock my closet with high end items without breaking the bank.

  1. BOOKMARK, BOOKMARK, BOOKMARK – With the abundance of online stores it’s easy to find an item you want on multiple sites. When I find something I really want I search for it on as many sites as possible and bookmark every place I find it. The item might sell out on a site or two but more often than not it will go on sale, and at a higher discount on some vs others. Not only does this process help me find a designer piece on sale, I also know I’m getting something I really want and stay away from purchasing items simply because they’re marked down.
  2. KEEP IT CLASSIC – Speaking to the last point I made above, I’m all for buying things and actually wearing them, repeatedly. Classic pieces can be restyled countless ways and will always look fresh. Discount sites such as The Outnet are a great resource for finding wardrobe staples at reduced prices.
  3. GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH – A great way to find an item you’re looking for or to add to your bookmark collection is doing a Google image search. Specifically doing an image search will produce different results than a regular web search. I find all kinds of smaller ecomm sites and boutiques this way that I never knew existed. I also frequently find much greater discounts on these sites than some of the bigger, more popular ones.
  4. CONSIGNMENT – I’m not a huge consignment shopper, I do like to get my pieces new, but once in a while I stumble across an amazing find. Surprisingly, people do bring in totally brand new items or pieces that have only been worn once. I’m also a huge proponent of using consignment (and Ebay) to sell things I don’t wear anymore and earn extra cash for the new new.
  5. GET FAMILIAR WITH RETAILERS – Different brick and mortar stores have varying sales and incentives that are worth getting familiar with. Intermix for example at the end of their sale season often has deep markdowns and an additional markdown of 20-30% when you get to the register. I scored my amazing, timeless camel Theory coat there for only $127.

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