levisVintage denim has been a popular wardrobe staple amongst personal style stars for a long time, however it has recently become an even bigger trend with brands like Re/Done coming onto the scene. Purchasing a pair from a brand such as the aforementioned, or from a vintage boutique, will cost anywhere from $150-$350. This is a pretty extreme markup, although Re/Done does alter their jeans it’s still a hefty price tag. Further I find their alterations to be awkward fitting and unflattering. I’ve had great success purchasing a pair on Ebay or at a thrift store and having them tailored myself. This saves cash, insure a perfect fit and desired style, plus you’ll have a truly one of a kind pair. For example, I scored one of my favorite pairs for only $12 on Ebay.

I also recommend checking the measurements of any pair you’re going to purchase online against a pair you already own to ensure they’re not so large they will be hard to tailor. Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing vintage Levis is that the sizing is not the same as current brands like J Brand. I am a 26-27 in contemporary brands and take a 30-31 in Levis 501s or 505s (the most popular styles).

PHOTOS Elle, Tommy Ton

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