acne1As part of the BASICS category I’m starting a series of brand features to highlight my favorite designers for wardrobe staples, or basics, as it were. First up, Stockholm-based fashion house Acne Studios. Acne is my go to for sweatshirts, jeans, sweaters and jackets. I want to note that Acne is definitely a high price point, however I will be covering brands that fall all over the price spectrum. acne6Acne is known for their perfect the leather and shearling jackets, and the ability to elevate simple silhouettes with unmatched attention to detail and exceptional tailoring. I have been continually impressed with the quality and construction of their clothing and found it to last through continuous wears.acne3 In addition to strong basics, Acne delivers striking and creative seasonal styles as well, often turning out shoes and ready to wear pieces that become standouts of the industry each season. acne2Visit to further explore their world and shop.

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