dior4A quick note before I get into the Dior show, between some recent travel and a busy work schedule I have been way behind on blog posts. I’ll be shooting some outfits this weekend which I’m looking forward to, and hopefully some basics imagery as well. dior2I don’t always pay attention to fashion shows, it can be so overwhelming to keep up with them. This Dior show, however, grabbed my attention after I heard that Solange would be performing and I’m glad I checked it out. Seeing a collection in an environment created to communicate the inspiration behind it and envelope us in a particular vibe can be very special. dior3-1I love the chic sets and nature inspired prints from this collection, as well as the modern touches like pairing sneakers with the sheer dress below. dior1-1And here’s a few pics of the aforementioned performance by Solange. Obsessed with her outfit.dior5dior6

IMAGES Fashionista, NY Times, Instagram

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