tonal3Selecting pieces in one color is an easy way to create a chic look for day or night. This trend can be executed using matching sets, pictured above, or by taking the tonal approach, pictured in the following images. tonal1I love tonal outfits, especially in neutrals. I find them to be modern, timeless and eye catching. To create a successful tonal look, mixing different tones of a single color is key vs. just matching everything from head to toe. This creates depth and interest. tonal2Any color works for a tonal outfit,  an easy casual option is denim on denim. I also love the warm rich hues in the two outfits pictured below. As I mentioned above, using different tones of a single color is what makes these looks so strong, taking that a strong further, the mixing of textures really elevates and brings these looks together.tonal4editA little parting note, I have a very crazy few weeks of shoots coming up so posting will continue to be on the slower side. I hope to have more time for creating Elevates Basics content soon.

PHOTOS Garance Doré, Oracle Fox, Mango, Pinterest 

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