makeupcompAs a follow up of sorts to my skincare post I thought I would share my makeup routine as well. I love light, natural makeup that is quick and easy to execute. The look I have developed for myself with these things in mind is pictured above on the right, along side the products I use to create it. I start off by applying Dior’s Nude Air Serum foundation which is super light and sheer. Next up is concealer, which I also apply using my fingers. Last on the face is blush. I love Glossier’s cloud paint because it is liquid and fun to apply like finger paint. I most frequently use Haze and apply it in the hollows of my cheeks for an added contour effect. Last steps are mascara and a little sheer lipstick. The finished look enhances my features and helps even out my skin tone. If I’m going out and want more of an evening look I add liquid eye liner and highlight to top things off. And can’t forget, day or night, I set everything with a spritz.

FOUNDATION Dior   CONCEALER Glossier   BLUSH  Glossier   LIPSTICK (in Cake) Glossier   MASCARA Glossier  MIRROR Supreme

PHOTOS Gina Marie Barbaro

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