kosasmainI recently switched up my makeup routine after noticing that my go-to for years, Glossier skin tint, stung my face when I applied it. I’ve stuck with skin tint so long because I love the consistency and light coverage and have had a hard time finding a similar option, so I was excited to come across a tinted face oil by clean beauty brand Kosas. I had been using (and loving) the Kosas hyaluronic acid lip fuel for several months so I didn’t hesitate to dip into their other product offerings. While not every product I use is ‘clean’, over the past year or so I have started taking the extra step to check full ingredient lists of skin care and makeup products I use to avoid the toxic ten.  kosascomp12My ‘Kosas face’ in the above photo ;). The face oil offers a light-medium amount of coverage and sinks into the skin quickly. The crème blush (I’m using velvet melon) leaves a very subtle, natural looking flush of color that blends in super easy and feels lush on the skin. I am still using my forever faves by Glossier, boy brow and lash slick. My shirt is The Line By K and my earrings are Laura LombardikosassquarePHOTOS Gina Marie Barbaro

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