summerskin1It’s been a while since I’ve done a skincare post and now is the perfect time as I am about one year into a totally new routine. At the time of my last post I was using primarily SkinCeauticals, a little SkinMedica, and a little True Botanicals. I had been using SkinCeauticals and SkinMedica for around 6 years and as someone who is not a proponent of constantly trying new products I thought I’d never make a change. However, after I started getting facials at a new place and seeing really exciting results, I switched it all up and am now hooked on french brand Biologique Rechereche. summerskin3Before diving into all things Biologique, a quick highlight of my current makeup faves (pictured above). I have hardly been wearing makeup as I have been out of work for several months due to the pandemic but when I want a little boost for the day Kosas concealer and bronzer along with Glossier Skywash (and mascara, not pictured) have been doing the trick. summerskin4Also pictured above is the Supergoop! sunscreen I use daily, and facial toning device by NuFace. Prior to the pandemic the amazing new facials I had been getting that I mentioned in the beginning of this post included micro-current, so to keep some of that action going while things were shut down (and as they’ve opened again but I need to save my coins) I’ve been loving the NuFace. And pictured below on the right, my fave KNC Beauty lip scrubsummerskin2Back to Biologique Rechereche, this is a unique product line in that it cannot be purchased at department stores or other retail locations. When skincare products are sold in traditional retail spaces there are strict regulations on the potency of the ingredients. BR is only sold by licensed spas who have been trained by the brand in how to properly use their products. I highly recommend working with an aesthetician to determine which products are right for you as the ingredients are very targeted and knowing which ones are ok to use together is super important. Karina NYC (where I go) is currently offering virtual consults so that can be a great resource to getting started. They also have an online store you can access once you have an account with them. One last note about the brand, while it is not ‘clean’  it is fragrance free which I appreciate and they use tons of wonderful, effective active ingredients. Be warned, this means some of the products smell pretty funky, Mask Vivant (pictured above along side Mask Vip02 and my Glossier headband) for example has sulfur and yeast in it, but you get used to it and for me the results are worth it.

PHOTOS Gina Marie Barbaro

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