Arguably¬†the leading brand in street and skate wear (recently becoming the first to garner a billion dollar valuation) Supreme has pushed the category forward not only through fashion and branding but with their occasional political outspokenness as well. One glaring blind spot among their accomplishments and innovation is their archaic representation of women. Further in this post you will find images I’ve collected from Supreme’s … Continue reading SUPREME THOUGHTS


‘Springfield’, Universal Studios OrlandoSANDALS¬†Balenciaga ¬†BAG¬†Sincerely, TommyMY SUIT¬†Odessa Swimwear ¬†¬†KATIE’S SUIT¬†Boys + ArrowsGLASSES¬†Le SpecsSWIMSUIT¬†Solid & Striped ¬†¬†SHORTS¬†Asos ¬†¬†GLASSES¬†Le SpecsKATIE’S SLIDES¬†Baja East x FilaTOP¬†Sincerely, Tommy ¬†¬†JEANS¬†Vintage Levis PHOTOS¬†Gina Marie Barbaro, Logan Antill and Katherine Schipper¬† Continue reading FLORIDA


Going on a trip is an exciting event, but packing for said trip is usually not. It can be hard to balance¬†putting together¬†outfits you love and having enough options, yet¬†not overpacking. Some versatile pieces I like to pack are: black and blue jeans, a mid length dress, skirt or jumpsuit, tees and or/tanks, a leather or biker style jacket, sneakers, a heeled slide, a sweater … Continue reading PACKING